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We help teachers flip their classrooms.

Flipped Lessons is about compiling the best resources into flowing personalized lessons for your classes.

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Easily Curate Each Lesson

Lessons can be curated in just a few clicks using videos and questions. We recommend short, chunked lessons, which are easy to create

Use Content from Anywhere

You can embed social media content such as Youtube, Vimeo, and many others! Or, easily upload your own content.

Add Questionnaires

Questionnaires can be added anywhere in your lesson. Students can validate their understanding as they go through the lesson.

Deliver Lessons to Multiple Classes

Once you have created a lesson, you can deliver it to all or one of your classes! It’s yours to assign when your classes are ready.

Know What Your Students Know

After assigning a lesson, check in with your class performance report to see how each student is doing. You receive questionnaire percents and can tell who

Personalize Each Student’s Experience

Based on the students understanding of the lesson, you can personalize their in-class experience. Experts get challenging assignments and struggling